These awards recognise the outstanding work of a provider within this route sector particular sector. Providers will need to demonstrate that they are a high-quality provider that goes above and beyond for their apprentices. They will also need to demonstrate how they are advocates for developing apprenticeships within this route sector and embrace widening participation. The Awards recognise activity up to the end of July 2023.

Key questions:

  1. Summarise why your organisation is the route apprenticeship provider of the year (100 words, 0 marks)
  2. Explain how you have developed relationships with employers and adapted your provision to ensure it meets employer needs (200 words, 20 marks)
  3. Explain how your organisation goes above and beyond for your apprentices and employers (200 words, 20 marks)
  4. Explain how your organisation embraces widening participation in your sector. (200 words, 20 marks)
  5. Explain what additional enrichment opportunities your organisation provides apprentices (150 words, 20 marks)
  6. Explain how your organisation is a leader in your sector with the development and promotion of apprenticeships. (200 words, 20 marks)