About and criteria

This award recognises apprentice providers who’ve made an outstanding effort to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the apprentices they work with and their organisation’s workforce. This award focuses on those organisations that can evidence a commitment to ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for all.  Aiming to eradicate prejudice and discrimination based on an individual or group of individuals’ protected characteristics.

Key questions:

  1. Outline why your organisation should receive the Apprenticeship Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Provider Recognition Award (100 words, 0 marks)
  2. Provide a brief overview of the EDI issue(s) your organisation has worked towards tackling with your apprenticeship offer (150 words, 10 marks)
  3. Explain how your organisation has adopted a strategic approach to embedding a commitment to EDI in all areas of operations (200 words, 10 marks)
  4. Explain what steps you’ve taken to ensure a workforce profile that is representative of your client base and the community you serve (150 words, 20 marks)